Pit Master is the world’s leading manufacturer of the most powerful Extra Low Voltage LED Lighting Towers available and the only manufacturer that provides a full range of LED Lighting Towers for all applications in Mining and Industrial conditions.

The Pit Master LED Lighting Towers have undergone rigorous on-ground testing, and have been proven to have comparable lighting output to existing metal halide units currently being used within the construction, mining and industrial sectors.

The advancement in the development of both the Pit Master LED lights and the Pit Master lighting tower base (developed to extend asset life) has enabled the Southern Cross Group to further extend a market leading position with the Pit Master LED Lighting Towers. With over 7 years of R&D experience and over 7.0 million hours on-ground operational experience, the Pit Master brand has become synonymous with quality, while delivering extended life, cost savings, safety and efficiency.

Pit Master is also the only OEM manufacturer that offers a full range of LED lighting tower equipment models for all heavy industry and mining applications.

The Pit Master Manufacturing program follows a continuous improvement and development philosophy, while adopting a stringent quality process to ensure that the Pit Master LED Lighting Towers comply with all requirements under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, OHS Act 2000, OHS Regulation 2001 NSW and the Coal Mining Health and Safety ACT 1999.

Additional key manufacturing points and compliances that are included as “standard issue” on all but the entry level towers include:

  • Interchangeable modules between models – Delivers maintenance efficiency.
  • Rationalisation of major components – All models have the same major components therefore reducing repair parts inventories.
  • MDG15 Compliance – Mobile and transportable equipment for use in mines.
  • AS-4242:1994 Compliance – Earth moving machinery and ancillary equipment for use in mines – Electrical wiring systems at extra low voltage.
  • MDG41 Compliance – Guideline for fluid power system safety at mines December 2010.
  • 1 Compliance – Safety of machinery – 2006.
  • 1202 Compliance – General principles-technical principles clause 3.
  • Mine Site Compliance – Light vehicles and ancillary equipment.

The Pit Master OEM Division also has the flexibility and skill set to work collaboratively with project stake holders to design, modify or build in additional requirements to the existing Pit Master LED Lighting Towers so that all site requirements can be achieved. Our team of qualified people can complete the work and gain the necessary certifications during and after the build process.

Once the Pit Master LED Lighting Towers are completed, they are put through a rigorous factory OEM quality check regime including operation and running tests exceeding run times of 24 hours.

Pit Master LED Lighting Tower Product Outcomes                                                                                            

  • Over 70% Reduction in Fuel Consumption (0.8 to 1.0ltr per/hour)
  • Replacement of High Voltage Metal Halide Lamps.
  • Low Voltage (No Statutory checks OH&S Risk Eliminated)
  • Immediate Light Start Up – Minimising production loss.
  • Light weight – Can be moved with light vehicle.
  • Reduced Tower Maintenance Costs – Longer life construction and 500-hour service intervals.
  • Reduced Light Maintenance Costs and Improved Reliability (Light life 50,000 hrs).
[icon position=”icon-left” icon_size=”60″ title=”70-80% Reduction in Refuelling Costs” image=”57026″][/icon][icon position=”icon-left” icon_size=”60″ title=”Electrocution Risks Eliminated” image=”57029″][/icon][icon position=”icon-left” icon_size=”60″ title=”50-70% Reduction in Fuel Use” image=”57030″][/icon]
[icon position=”icon-left” icon_size=”60″ title=”High Voltage Electrician Costs Eliminated” image=”57031″][/icon][icon position=”icon-left” icon_size=”60″ title=”100% Reduction in HV Parts Costs” image=”57032″][/icon][icon position=”icon-left” icon_size=”60″ title=”70-80% Reduction in Daily Running Costs” image=”57033″][/icon]

Lighting Tower Australian Certified Innovation
Patent No. AU2013100095